четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.


What has black clothes, and makes "huiiiiiiiiii"? Exactly, Feroc in free fall ...

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
Listen, I got no good maps, then I got a couple of cards and got the flop misses. Zwischendrin once I was getting good, but does that still has a long way.

Despite the really big pot was a fairly crude shock. On my vacation I catch a lot.
Result: -23.75BBs

(Paradise Poker) Session 2 (Paradise Poker)
Since the dog is still in the pan crazy. In Session 2, it was really good, a few have held top pair and I was almost 25BBs forward. Then, it washed washed washed, and the 25BBs were away again.
Especially nice was it to two tables, while I use the top pair with a good kicker or best gefloppt, both to the River was not in danger. At both tables, I lost both sets against. * In the table edge beiß *
Result: -0.5BBs

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