четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Back at Prima

I hate the Prima Network. To my PL times, I liked it, but when it comes to FL, it is simply cruel. "Unfortunately," there's just a fairly simple bonus at Golden Riviera and must be played. 100% up to $ 40 Is not the world, but have only played for 250RHs. Actually, I had to take a bonus at Poker Wide play, which is in principle the same as the CCP. However bleats of support is a little rum and good reviews in the forum, I have not read. Therefore, I have my money back immediately paid.

But it was still a session yesterday ...

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
It was not easy, wrong maps, wrong opponent. The next time it will be better again.
Result: -15BBs

(Golden Riviera) Session 2 (Golden Riviera)
If you "Card Dead" controls, then there is a picture of me. And yes it is true net altogether. 4 x I get good cards:
AA: Blinds money
KK: Blinds money
AJ: A on the turn, lost to AA
KT: K on the flop against AA lost
It was with the RHs fairly quickly, I hope the bonus is like my losses at the end ever. ;)
Result: -16.25BBs

(Golden Riviera) Session 3 (Golden Riviera)
And another one gone, a BB. So, I can still glad to have my pocket 6's Turn on the set and not in the River to Full House moulted, it would still be a few more.
Result: -1BB

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