четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

The casino battle

Again, I know why my first attempts limit so cruel to me, because people are just so bad that it all just luck again. My favorite example of this: I raise UTG with AKs, UTG +1 called me, as well as two others. The flop brings unfortunately nothing, I make a cont. Bet, raised UTG +1, one goes out, the other goes, I calle. The turn brings me nothing, I check this, and all else. Sah for me for a half of Bluff UTG +1. Well, River is only Crap, I do this again Bet, UTG +1 called and the last folded. I lost the pot to UTG +1, he has a pair ... Bottom pair to be exact, a pair of 2 ... Because of the good man had 52o to the hand. Is it clear to you that a Raise called.
At least now I could also run in two major pots, which dampens my losses somewhat. an die Fische verfüttert. $9.46 hab ich dort jetzt schon an andere Spieler verschenkt, nur gut, dass der Bonus dort so hoch ist. So I now only $ 1:02 at the fish. $ 9:46, I got there already given away to other players, only good that the bonus there so high. If I zusammenreise something, then so should somehow be staged to bring. Only the constant e-mail to my geschreibe RHs to learn a little annoying.

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