четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Monthly Review-August

That was a great month, the bonuses have voted, I was lucky poker also quite hold. What more do you want? Once something breaks ...

Let's start with the cold numbers
Poker Stars:-$ 12:55
Party Poker:-$ 24.65
Titan Poker: $ 11:25
Bet365: $ 111.88
Wild Jack Poker: $ 24.50
VC Poker: $ 14.99
Empire Poker: $ 90.63
Paradise Poker: $ 105.50
$333.55 Total: $ 333.55
Bank Roll: $ 576.46
Real Earnings: $ 383.47

This month I was very concentrated on Whoring bonus and it has really paid off. Of the $ 333.55, about $ 230 bonus. I think I will continue to do so and I raussuchen bonuses, which I like in my level of processing.

At the beginning of the month but it ran pretty slow and I was glad when I was around 50BBs hold. Thanks to the last couple of days but then I was able to break through 100BBs. Nevertheless, I think that I probably have one, two or three months will be to the level I really geschaft.
However, I will limit the levels down somewhat. Even without the bonuses would be my bank roll after 500BBs already large enough to access $ 1 / $ 2. New action and are therefore no longer 500BBs 750BBs.

My game
Every now and I have noticed yet, as I me the money from one or other of the bag did pull. Cold calls to the River probably have me on the most cost and I do not believe that the total + EV, even if you repeatedly see what a scrap for the people but then at the end to win.
Hopefully I create in the next few days to read a little, perhaps because I find some fault in my game.

It remains only to say that this month I quite satisfied with the outcome.

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