четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Verbibsch egg ...

(Paradise Poker) Session 1 (Paradise Poker)
Since yesterday I did not came to play, I present a slightly longer session prescribed. At first it just looked shitty. There were no maps, and if so, then I think Draws missed, I was zeitweiße again 10BBs negative. But eventually turned the tide and it is time again for a nice profit sufficed. Additionally come back to $ 10 bonus and the last $ 10 I would still pick tonight.
(+ $10 Bonus) Result: 20.75 BBs (+ $ 10 bonus)

(Paradise Poker) Session 2 (Paradise Poker)
So, since we would have done the bonus. In the last few hands is not much happening. Wanted to now only the last RHs still get done and I have done.
(+ $10 Bonus) Result: BBs -2.25 (+ $ 10 bonus)

Paradise Poker Details
Eingezahlt: $ 200
Paid: $ 344
(davon $50 Bonus) Profit: $ 144 (of which $ 50 bonus)
Hands: 750 ~

It was very pleasant to insgesammt Paradise Poker to play, the tables were covered with more than 40% FSR very loose. The software was also very pleasant, especially the fast-live update of the bank and points Uses Stat. Pity that poker Office could not use it and I now have a few hundred (successful) hands in my database are missing.

The $ 50 bonus now also appeared on my account on Dream Poker, I got frecherweiße times simply tries equal to the $ 100 auszucashen. Let's see what happens. :)

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