четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Keep whoring, whoring, whoring ...

1000 RHs can pretty much, if you do not have much time to play. So again an hour at 4 tables, and around to see what happens. There are two hands today, which I am a little annoyed.
Once Pocket Qs against K9s and a runner-runner flush and have lost once Pocket K's, although I won, only on the River, the third K, but in color with a flush possible, and my Bet geraist, so I only have myself and gecalled already prepared the pot abzugeben. But what has the Depp? K4o ... und einige RHs gereicht. At least it again today for $ 6.79 and some RHs sufficed. Blöd only that you can always inquire by e-mail.

So, are 703RHs managed only 297 are missing and the remaining Bonus Dollars are also still me.

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