четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Feroc vs Party

At the moment it is actually really good. Although I have one or the other time in a wicked hand am wrong, I still lie in well-NL25 Plus with my game. gewonnen und es hätten noch mehr sein können. Today I now $ 23.79 to win and it would be even more. Unfortunately, I have a BuyIn verschossen. I think AT and the flop comes TJJ, turn brought another J and I was AllIn with a. Since no preflop action came from him, I gave him up QQ AA not bought. That, however, he had the last J was probably unlucky. Even my K-High-Flush vs. A-High-Flush was not so cheap, but is it good enough for today.

Think tonight werd I nor the few remaining RHs play and then party with at least $ 50 plus leave ... Hopefully, nothing in between.

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