четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

The spasm with Dream Poker

(Dream Poker) Session 1 (Dream Poker)
That is really wonderful there. Now, not only is that the games there are unlikely tight, no now is the whole thing just lame. This was for example So paralyzed that he had me at a table continues to "Sit Out" has left, although I wanted to set the BB.
I only played one orbit, then to me it was stupid.
Result: 2BBs

Since I was there just stinks, I will be with the Dream poker differently. Currently there, I have $ 66.50 ($ 50, bonus, $ 10 from me and $ 6.50 profit). With whom I will be experimenting. Wanted to take a long attempt at $ 1 / $ 2, and yes, I think maybe sometimes in the evening or night a few playable tables. Maybe I will also just a few times SnGs or MTTs try. The whole is then of course my level independent. If it fails, then I halt $ 10 in the sand, and if it works, then perhaps I may someday auscashen everything.

(Poker Stars) Session 2 (Poker Stars)
Two light tables smiled at me at the table, so I just take a chair and put a few cards. Today, I have the chapter "Card Protection" SSH implemented and it has worked pretty well. So I got my pocket J's success against the King on the flop defended my Two Pair turned on the River on a Full House and proposed the obvious flush. War certainly a lot of luck, too, but I may have, at times, yes.
Result: 10.2BBs

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