четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

How I hate Micro-FL

It is really unbelievable, I know slowly, FL why some people do not like. The set itself to a very low FL table and play, maybe they play good, but they lose! Poker spielen könnte, ich wette, dass wenn man eine Gewinnkurve über die ganzen Limits macht, dass diese dann einen Bogen machen würde. Let us assume that someone could play perfect poker, I bet that if a profit curve on the whole limits, then that would make a bow. In the low FL would be the profit minimal, if at all. In the middle would be the greatest profit, because people are still not right at the opponents on your can and in the higher, it would then go down somewhat.
an die Fische verfüttert! Well, in any case, I have $ 8:34 at the fish! MeiBra, if you read it here: go one or two higher limits, you will win without end!

Somewhat depressed, I wanted to be coming back to my level, and therefore I did look at the higher tables.

(Casino Club Poker) Session 1 (Casino Poker Club)
In the first hand, I had KQs and my opponent AT, the flop brings ATx. Charities still something of my µ -Sessions influenced calle I flop and the turn brings me my Nut-Straight indeed, no chance of a flush. With the T on the River was the cause but also has done. Not second hand brought AJs, the flop unhelpful. I show strength, will geraist and pull the tail. Not the next obvious: JJ, the flop comes with a Q, I show strength, will geraist and pull back to the tail. My Table image was pretty well in the ass ... But this very useful at the end, when I was within a few hands twice got AA. In table 2 ran it well from the start and I can finally coming back a few BBs at my stats count. RHs gabs this probably less, sometimes by mail ask.
Otherwise, I always come more on the idea to write a book, the title has been: "Missing the flop."
Result: 16.5BBs

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