четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

The WE begins again ...

Friday, however, was not good. At least he has not started well, it was first to go for it, that my boss me out of bed jingled, followed by a very, very stressful day in office, which also ended with overtime. Therefore, I will now probably not serious Poker Session appeal. Only a small VC Poker-WoW-Session I made ...

(VC Poker) Session 1 (VC Poker)
... And lost. If, however, lie if I would say that I am fully concentrating on the game, and only the best hands could have played. Was just a loose, flockiges zocken.
Result: $ 1:43 -

By email to me today, however, is a new bonus fluttered into the house. For 200RHs at Dream Poker, I get $ 50 The course, I will not miss. However, I will probably bonus at the Paradise Poker clearen finished before I Dream at the poker suspect in attack.

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