четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Party Poker curse

The Positive:
After yesterday I no longer desire to limit tables at Party had, I am just two NL25 SH tables. Has actually quite fun and I won a nice pot. I think TT and the flop comes TT5, was still on about how I am most money in the pot get, as is already one of 55 AllIn.
Are even something positive, the day brought me some 480RHs.

The negatives:
verloren! It can be actually quite well expressed in figures, since I did eingecashed PP (how long is that? Two days?) , I lost $ 75.63!

Raff, I really do not, I clearly in the NL SH not really the experience, just because I also played hard and at least lost. That was meißte, FL. Of course, even a few stupid beats, as the geriverte flush against my set, or the runner-runner straight against my Top Pair. But still it was easy to Kotzen. Well, I hope times that I just now have a few dollars and then somehow win with a plus rausgehe. This is not my level, incidentally affect the rest of that game I NL SH done ... It goes faster. ;)

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