четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Work Bonus

As is the nice bonus Whoring again ... I did yesterday and yesterday one little bonus of Casino Club worked. One can I say, my face there, the players are bad! The course is also at the very low limit that I play, but there is simply EVERYTHING played. Especially yesterday, I am there with things weggedonkt was simply the first cream. Unfortunately help in most cases simply made Hands, because everything else is just because someone who has taken something. Especially flushing are dangerous because suited to know the Cards since nix, which will be played no matter what Raises since.
Gewinn machen, gestern hab ich dafür wieder $6.80 verloren. In the session yesterday, I could still make a profit $ 2.55, yesterday I make $ 6.80 again lost. verzockt. Overall, I already verzockt $ 8.50.
But that's not important any RH I play there is worth 12.5 cents. Actually, it would be smarter almost five tables and have to be everything to folden QQ-AA what is not. :)

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