четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

Tomorrow is Monday

Unfortunately, I had little time today to play. But somehow even more so, is apparently not so good. Hopefully soon Office supports Poker Paradise Poker. Think then, I will adopt and Stars of there.

(Poker Stars) Session 1 (Poker Stars)
I have tried me two light tables rauszusuchen and actually did what with over 35% of FSR. At one table was nothing, everything I got was in the sand. My AKs River meets to be the ace, but unfortunately, the 4x flop from the heart and so I have to give Re-Raise on the River. My JJ's getting A and K on the flop served, and so on. In the meantime, the tables are again below 30% FSR like, my second JJ's no flop get to see everything that goes out.
In table 2, it was not much better, except that I have not even got tickets. Eventually one said to me: "Come on Foldem Feroc, play some cards!" . That was the moment I got AQo on the hand and I did him the favor, I was a $ 10 Pot brought. That was actually the last hand I wanted to play, but unfortunately, I had forgotten the "Auto Post Blinds" rauszumachen hook, I was again brought AQ and the flop of AQ. Again $ 10 for me, what makes me even then the session positively to leave. Still, I miss the very slight Paradise tables.
Result: 5.5BBs

Even a small tip for the Verspielten, invites you look at the client from www.pkr.com down. Online Poker in 3D, with chip tricks, Charlene preparation and all the trimmings. To money because I would not play, but is somehow funny.

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