четверг, 25 октября 2007 г.

As poker in paradise

Since we already have the next bonus that I will execute. There are 25% to $ 50 on the deposit at Paradise Poker. So quickly out $ 200 and the 500RHs play. Slowly, it will closely what the good bonuses concerns, and I already see that I will regret it yet that I Boni at the Empire and party have not been fully exploited. Otherwise bonuses in my limit pretty cruel. For other sides I have at my limit on 6000RHs play as a bonus to get as much game but I do rather rare.

Session 1
Naturally Paradise Poker had tried the same times. The software is colorful and whether I use the "surround sound" really knows, I might not. Poker Office is unfortunately not supported. Those were the bad things already. Well, I liked that the limit tables about 40% per Players flop, they can then play well.
A special hand there today with KJs I am with 4 people in the flop, I just brought two of my color. Then still cheap Turn the times, my king-high flush completed. ). On one end was $ 19.25 Pot for me out (+ $ 13.75). Then I had already stopped playing. Let's see how long I need for the bonus.
( $16.00 ) Result: 16BBs ($ 16.00)

Session 2
How to win ... Well, you know the rest. That was probably the compensation for the fine flush of the first session Top Two-Pair with AK was cracked by a straight, my straight on the turn was on the River to Straight for all (and is still out *), another Straight was also a split pot, as my opponents, the same cards . And those were only the good cards.
( -$20.00 ) Result: -20BBs (-$ 20.00)

für heute, sicherlich nicht gerade was ich mir gewünscht habe, trotzdem ist es ja nicht die Welt und die ersten 100RHs habe ich auch fast zusammen. They were then also -4BBs for today, certainly not exactly what I wished for, but it is not the world and the first 100RHs I also almost together.

* Actually, I would have called the guy down. Was funny but, to 3rd We look at the River, the one without A-High-Straight Flush conjures danger to the Board. A player bets $ 1, I increment of $ 2 and 3 players really goes out. Are people already strange ...

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